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Monday, December 5, 2011

Direct Dial

How does it work?

Enter your contact’s info and press "Save". Direct Dial gives you a USA number for each of your contacts.
Dial that # from your phone - and talk at Direct Dial's low rates.
Add your friend's USA Direct Dial numbers to your phone’s address book.

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Direct Dial numbers work from any number registered in your Account.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We take our responsibility to provide inexpensive and reliable military phone cards seriously and have selected only the best calling cards available for military members, their families and their friends. Whether phone calls are being made on base or off, Military calling cards from can help to keep you from accruing substantial long distance charges while contacting those closest to you.

Calling from a Military base?

AT&T Calling Cards allow you to call from military base phones, satellite phones, and AT&T dedicated lines at competitive rates. We now offer a 20% discount for Military members and their families on all AT&T calling cards.

Calling via the DSN?

When calling from a DSN line with a USA based phone number, enjoy even lower rates using the Bizon phone card! At 3.6/min, the Bizon calling card is truly the cheapest way to connect when calling from an overseas military base.

Calling from a cell phone?

Web Call is a one-of-a-kind feature that allows you to place a call by entering information online and is best when using a cell phone that allows free incoming calls.

Calling Overseas

For Military families and friends of overseas Military members, we offer several cards for calling to Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait and other international destinations. We recommend the Bizon and Continental Phone cards for calling to Military bases. Find individual rates for specific destination numbers by searching from the USA-Continental to the country you're interested in calling.


Why should I purchase a Military Phone Card online?

- Military calling cards purchased online can be refilled instantly and provide a reliable connection for all of your international calling needs. Permanent PIN numbers allow families and friends of Military members stationed overseas to add funds to a calling card without changing the way calls are made. Unlike store purchased cards, our online phone cards are backed by 24/7 customer support and a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Will I receive a physical calling card in the mail?

- Our Military phone cards are purchased online using a secure SSL encrypted system. The calling card PIN number and dialing instructions are sent to you via email and no physical card is ever mailed to your address. This allows Military members, their families and their friends to have instant access to phone card information. The PIN number can be shared by families simply by forwarding the email containing calling card information. This email will also contain a link that allows customers to print out a physical copy of all of the Military Phone Card details.

Will an online Military Phone Card help me save money?

- Absolutely! Our Military Calling Cards can help you and your family save up to 97% on international calls! And because our phone cards are prepaid, you'll never have any surprise phone bills to worry about.

How do I know which card to choose?

- Select the card that best fits your calling needs by browsing through the information above and selecting a card that can be used from your location (Military base, DSN or USA call). Please note that a one time 99 surcharge applies to all calls made from a payphone.

Need more information? Contact our friendly USA based Customer Service Representatives!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The world has become smaller with the Internet, and calling cards too. A few years back, we would have had to place long distance calls with an operator, and then wait for the call to come through. Sometimes it would have been nerve racking, all those minutes of tense waiting. But today, all one needs to do is buy prepaid calling cards. They can be used for international purposes. The connectivity is extremely fast, and the voice can also be heard like as if they are in the next room. , has made it possible for all of us to enjoy various benefits from such calling cards. First and foremost, this card allows you to get connected to any corner of the world. It also has some unique features like speed dialing, which allows you to call a number with the click of a single button on your phone. There are several other features that has made life easier for many phone users. You may even make calls from a PC to a phone, and conference calls between several users.

These cards are very easy to buy. All you have to do is give details of your email address, and pay online by credit card. The pin number will then be mailed to you, and hey presto! You will be able to talk to anyone in the world. Once you have used up all the minutes on the card, you may also refill them, by adding minutes. This can also done by paying online with your credit card.

There are some more exciting features like, using the SMS service to get connected to a phone, and also redirecting the toll free number to any other number in the world. You may also skip the use of your pin, if you do not want to, and access all your call histories online whenever you want. These cards are perfect for all those people who have business connections across the world. Friends and family cannot be left behind either.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lower your Bill when Staying in Touch with Brazil

Regardless of whether you’re Brazilian and migrated away from thecountry, or a person dear to you has gone to live in Brazil, I must present you with a great way of being connected with your loved ones! Introducing… calling cards!

Prepaid phone cards are an easy way for putting money aside while calling Brazil from… anyplace! If you’re dialing from the US as an example, you get a rate of only 1.9 cents a minute when calling to landlines, not to mention an amazing 10.9 cents for a minute, for calling mobile phones. These prices are for making use of Local Access Numbers (but you can easily acquire them on the sites of your respective international phone cards vendors.

Alright… so, let me reveal the way this functions: you visit a prepaid phone card provider web-site . You register to have an account. Subsequently you are provided a PIN number along with an Access Number (nevertheless, it is a toll-free access number, which usually, as a bottom line cost, may well be more as compared to utilizing a Local Access Number). The instant you have the PIN number connected with your account and an access number, you can begin making calls to Brazil employing your international phone cards (mobiles too).

Thus there is no need to ever again be worried about paying too much cash when dialling relatives and buddies within Brazil. You don’t need to reduce all your telephone conversations, you can now certainly stay on the phone to tell all of your stories! Brazil calling cards will seriously help you cut expenses on your own bill! Take them into consideration, and let me reveal another suggestion: several suppliers will even give you totally free calling card trial offers!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Using Phone Cards from International Pay Phones

“Will it cost me more money to use my phone card from a pay phone outside the USA?”

I really don’t like my answer to questions like this, but it’s the truth. You will most likely be charged more for using your global phone card from a payphone outside the USA. The part of my answer I don’t like is that it’sa vague statement, and I like to be as specific as I can with our customers. However, there are a few factors that prevent me from being more specific.

I think it’s most helpful to understand how phone cards work from pay phones in the USA first.

The FCC (Federal Comminications Commission) is an agency in the United States government that regulates different communications throughout the country (i.e. radio, television, telephones, satellites, wires, phone cards, etc.). They have a regulation in place for using phone cards from pay phones in the USA, a per call surcharge will come off the balance of your phone card. This surcharge is then paid from the phone card provider to the pay phone provider for the use of their telephone equipment to place the call. So if you have a phone card with a $1.00 pay phone surcharge, $1.00 will come off the balance of your phone card for every call you place with that card from a USA pay phone.

So that’s how it works in the USA. Outside the USA, though, it’s a different story.

Most other countries do not regulate their pay phones like the USA does. In most cases, the carriers are allowed to do what they’d like when a phone card is used from their pay phones. Usually, one of the following happens:

- A per minute surcharge may be applied to the call lowering the available number of minutes with your phone card.

- A per call surcharge may be applied to the call lowering the available number of minutes with your phone card.

- They could block the phone card all together.

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to say which pay phone carriers in which countries are going to follow what practices and at what cost. It could be different from country to country and carrier to carrier.

The advice I can give you is this:

- If you’ve found a pay phone that’s blocking your phone card, try a different bank of pay phones. It’s likely that the second set of pay

phones is through a different carrier who may not block phone cards.

- The per minute or per call surcharges are usually very high, sometimes triple or quadruple the rate per minute or more.

I’m sorry I can’t give you any more specifics about what this may cost, but this is about the best I can do. Any time we hear of a customer having trouble calling from certain destination, we’ll list the feedback with the access number(s) for that calling card and that country.

For more information about using phone cards while traveling abroad, click here.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Phone Cards for International Calls

Due to the tight competition in the communication market, telecom providers are coming up with innovations that will bring in the customers to their area of the playing field. These businesses aim to target the need of consumer for quality products at the lowest possible price; thus, they came up with prepaid phone cards.

Prepaid phone card is the latest trend in making local and overseas calls without being subscribed to a regular telecom service. These call media are being sold in various shops in your area and offers different features and benefits to their users to maximize each call they make at the lowest possible price. If you are having doubts on the capacity of prepaid phone cards to provide you with interesting features and functions for calls abroad, then here are some basic info about them that will help you decide whether to use it or not.

No Monthly Charges

Savings is possible with prepaid phone card since there is no monthly fee involve in using the service. That’s right! These call media requires no bills to be paid every month. The reason for this is that prepaid phone cards have their own call minutes that will be deducted with each call you make. The amount deducted from your account will depend on the rate of International calls offered by the provider.

Sold In Assorted Denominations Prepaid phone cards are sold in assorted denominations for you to choose from. Depending on the telecom provider, each prepaid phone card amount you purchased will have its own corresponding minutes you can use to make local and international calls. With the selections, you can easily pick the card amount that will fit perfectly with your call budget.

Lowest International Calls Rates

Unlike regular telecom services like landlines and mobile phones, the international call rates of prepaid phone cards are the lowest in the market. You can enjoy longer calls without any fear of draining
your wallet of your hard-earned savings. In fact, some prepaid phone cards offers extra benefits like discounts or more call credits when you purchase larger denominations of their products.

Find The Best Ones For Your Call Needs If you think that the savings you get from using prepaid phone cards is enough of a factor to merit its use, then you need to find the perfect one that will fit perfectly with your communication needs.

Aside from the savings you get, you might want to consider the features offered by prepaid phone cards to their subscribers. Read the labels of each card to determine the functions it can give to maximize your use for it; as well as making sure that there are no hidden charges since there are plenty of scammers in the world who will go through lengths to extract every single dollar out of your with fake services.